23 Sep 2012

By the lake

On the fourth day we went back to the lake that had been deserted yesterday, apart from two dogs piggy-backing in the water and chasing stones.

A pair of girls were sitting on the rocks. Both were naked but one wore an accordion around her neck.

She played Take 5 while the other splashed and swam. They sang and played undisturbed til a metal detector and fishing rod came along and seemed to agitate them.

Then they vanished.

15 Sep 2012

Rosy-faced Lovebirds

Rosy-faced lovebirds are good indicators of water because they need to drink. If you find Rosy-faced lovebirds in a riverbed, you know water is within flying distance - that's up to five km away.

 Although Lovebirds chatter quiet a bit, and they can learn to mimic the human voice, most do not learn to talk.

Just because they don’t talk back doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk with them.

You may actually be surprised to hear a word or phrase slip from their little beak. The more time and attention given to your Lovebird, the less likely your bird will develop behaviour problems like biting or feather picking.

13 Sep 2012


MSN from Katie Horwich on Vimeo.

Saturday 8th August at the Paralympics, Olympic Stadium, London 2012 A dot matrix board blinking across the track. We made some noise. It was the sound of 80 000 people in harmony... "Young man, there's no need to feel down, I said young man, pick yourself off the ground.."