25 Jul 2012

Cây Tre

Cây tre in Hoxton: Now open for business!

For about the last week and a half I took up residence painting in Cay Tre Vietnamese Cafe on Old St.
I've loved every second of it and was welcomed by the community in our small parade.

By day time I was on the building site, getting the piss taken out of me for my domestic step ladder and turning up after 7am.
By night I would be visited by revellers and most often by the cabbies next door . They made sure I was not slacking in the early hours. They also shooed away boozy lads who mistook the gutted cafe for an Amsterdam window when I was up a ladder and quite helpless.
In 24 hours it's quiet for a few moments after 2am kicking out time. Then the sun rises and empty Games Vehicles stream past.

Hope you can make it to Cây Tre to eat some delicious Vietnamese food.

301 Old St, London EC1V 9LA

Vocab:Cây tre
Vocab 2: con cò

pic for scale:

16 Jul 2012

"It's like getting a knighthood"

Linda Lusardi was voted the readers favourite page three girl in this special pull out from 2003.  That bikini has long since gone see-through in the bum.