17 Nov 2014

Exhibition - Jo Angell and Katie Horwich 'Two Worlds' 22nd Nov- 31st Dec 2014

Saturday 22 November - 20 December 2014
Opening times Thursdays & Fridays 12-6pm Saturdays 12-4pm

Artist and designer, Katie Horwich and Jo Angell, have created original works specifically for an exhibition at the Hasler Gallery in North Finchley’s revamped hidden gem, The Grand Arcade.
The inspiration for the exhibition was sparked in Barnet at The Museum of Domestic Architecture (MoDA). There, Jo and Katie discovered rare archives of textile and wallpaper designs from the twentieth century. Particularly drawn to the Japanese works which included ‘katagami’ stencils originally used for designs on Kimonos, both artists set about exploring Finchley in search of their own interpretation of the exotic. The resulting gallery installation explores a familiar landscape creating an enchanting new world featuring a tumbling waterfall of paper ginkgo leaves, art deco patterned silk panels inspired by Finchley’s original department store, and an illustrative painting filled screen: a love letter to Katie’s memories of her childhood in Finchley.

5 Oct 2014

Newsweek 3rd October

Illustration for this week's Newsweek:
"The economic output of the world was valued at $62 trillion in 2008.
In 2014 it will be $78 trillion. The output of China has more than doubled."

$62 000 000 000 000 ...... $78 000 000 000 000

7 Sep 2014

2 Sep 2014

in the arcade
ink on paper

25 Aug 2014


Ruth Tina Al Marvin Jackie Ann James Otis
acrylic on canvas