23 Jun 2014

The Natural Cook By Tom Hunt

new book out now, all about eating seasonal vegetables, cooking without waste, delicious food
photographs by Laura Edwards

illustrations by Katie Horwich

22 Jun 2014

21 Jun 2014

11 Jun 2014

Facsimile / 9th January 2009

9th January 2009 from Katie Horwich on Vimeo.
The one that got away.  A cold January day 2009, went to work, wore a black skirt from the Jeff Banks Designers at Debenhams range, and a red wool sweater from Benetton.

4 Jun 2014

New Year's Eve, 2012

Went to a party at Lucas + Bruce's.  Jodhpurs from Zara, red high heels from Office a few years ago, the zebra and lips print top was my mum's in the 1980's.  Some of the lips are also beaded. Big Shoulders and a plunging neckline.

2 Jun 2014

My Last Page Three Girl is Drying

Bye Melinda Jordan Nicola Nikkala Nicola T Carla Sam Haylie Marie Leilani Jodie Ruth
Natalie Katie Alice Amii Sophie Michelle Zoe Natasha Lucy Lauren Cherry Keeley Katia Rosie Emily Holly India Poppy Rhian Peta Madison Danni Chelsea Lacey Sarina Courtnie Daisy xxx

Ink and Gouche on paper 2014

The last of a long running project, where every day I found a copy of the Sun newspaper and painted the clothes I was wearing on the page three girl.  It started off as a summer holiday sketchbook when I was at college and working at Boots in polyester uniform.  But that wasn't enough and I decided to keep going till they ceased to publish page three.  As ten years and approximately 2000 paintings approached, I thought I'd leave it to the campaign against page three to fight their more vocal fight.